Start Doing Your Own Feng Shui For Home And/Or Office With This Easy Do-It-Yourself Step

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By using these steps, we included the theory of “The Eight Trigram”, “Fengshui concept of the space”,”Fengshui concept of time – Time Dimensions” and “Feng Shui concept of the universe.”

Here are the steps

Step 1: Find out your house period or age.

Time dimension feng shui 2019 lucky color divides time into 20-year periods with each period being ruled by a number. There are a total of 9 periods, numbered from 1 to 9. Thus a complete cycle is a total of 180 years.

In Feng shui, you need to know when your house was built, last major renovation, last transferred of ownership or when you last changed your stove (for company, your company sign board) in order to determine your property period.

Traditionally, “renovation” can take place in a few forms.

  1. Major renovation ie. changing roof, digging the floor and changing the main door, or
  2. Transfer of ownership of property, or
  3. Changing stoves (for company, your company sign board)

Period for all houses built or renovated during the following time period are shown below.

Period 6 – from 5th. Feb. 1964 to 3rd. Feb. 1984
Period 7 – from 4th. Feb. 1984 to 3rd. Feb. 2004
Period 8 – from 4th. Feb. 2004 to 3rd. Feb. 2024
Period 9 – from 4th. Feb. 2024 to 3rd. Feb. 2044

Period 7 just ended on February 4, 2004. During Period 7, for the past 20 years, the number 7 was very lucky. Period 8 start from from 4th. Feb. 2004 and ends on the 3rd. Feb. 2024. During Period 8, the number 8 was very lucky and the previous number 7 turned bad.

Step 2: Find out your house facing.

House facing and your main door

Every house or apartment building has a sitting and a facing direction and in most cases, we can intuitively differentiate them. The facing is usually the side with allow the maximum qi energy into your house.

How to determine which site allow the most qi energy?

First, you must remember that we all bring in the most qi energy into the house when we walk through the main door.

Take an example, you stay in a condominium where there are on-going construction nearby and you pass by the construction site every time you want to go home. You will definitely bring along all the killing qi “sha” into your house once you open your main door and walk in. You are not climbing into your condo through the balcony. Your family members are more prone to sickness.

Take another example. This is a truth story. Mr. David Lee was staying in a double storey house. He have a large glass door on the ground floor facing south and his balcony also facing south and his main door is facing west. You might want to conclude that his house facing is South. There was a huge construction site in front of his house not far away. Mr. Lee thought that by not using the glass door and balcony (and also by having curtains) will block all the killing qi. However, he used to passed by the construction site whenever he want to go home. He entered his house using his south facing door. This means he was bring all the killing qi into his house.

Thus, the site that allow the most qi entering your house is the most frequently used door. Therefore, you can conclude that the facing direction is the facing of your main door.

You should take the compass reading standing inside your house facing your main door.

Step 3: Plot your feng shui chart with Flying star & 8 mansions Feng Shui analyser.

Step 4: Analyse the chart. make sure you score more than 3 stars.

See if your house favor wealth, health or both. Worst if none of these. Once the overall feng shui is auspicious any obstacles are much easier to cure. Do not choose a house or office which score 2 stars or less.

Step 5: Analyse your house feng shui 8 mansions chart.

8 mansions feng shui.

In 8 mansions feng shui, all houses and property are divided into 8 sectors based on the kua from the later heaven arrangement. Each kua represent a direction in the compass with 45ยบ per sector. It takes into consideration the sitting and facing of the house but does not take into consideration of the time dimension. 8 mansions feng shui does not regard a property as changing with time.

8 mansions chart Most important sector are (the general selection rule)

Heavenly Doctor, Tian Yi your wealth sector. Make sure there is no missing wealth corner and your toilet is not here. Air conditioners in the wealth sector is great.

Six Killings, Liu Sha your relation sector. You need this not because you want ex-marital problems but in modern days we all talk and communicate with people everyday.

5 Ghost, Wu Gui. This is your most distrasous sector; sickness, bad luck, disputes, and etc. Your main door and kitchen is very unfavorable here. We called a house as “Dispute house” when 5 Ghost, Wu Gui arrive at the main door. No air conditioners allowed here. Missing 5 Ghost, Wu Gui corner is good. If kitchen is located at 5 Ghost, Wu Gui, Kitchen belong to fire element. it will brings complication to your health involving heart, eyes, skin, blood circulation.

The rest of the bad sector sound bad but not necessary bad for everyone. Take the left figure as an example. Total Loss, Jue Ming at the North sector which is Kan kua, water element, water control fire, which means this sector in unfavorable to those with Li kua, fire element. Personal 8 Mansion life KUA

These 8 mansions are further divided into 2 groups – East 4 mansion and West 4 mansion respectively. In order to identify what type of house is suitable for a person, you will need to derive from your personal kua. This can be done through our Personal 8 Mansion life KUA. Individual kua number is based on the year of birth and gender. This is used to discover personlised auspicious and inauspicious direction. However, it is only necessary to do this selection for personal gain for example in your working room or bedroom.

Just make sure your house feng shui is good. Selecting a house using the flying star feng shui and adhere to the general rules of 8 mansions is always good enough. Very good indeed.

Step 6: Step 6 is routine.

Print out the chart. Keep in mind which sectors are favorable and which are not.

Step 7: Watch out for our monthly feng shui arrangements and our yearly feng shui arrangements.

You have just finished fengshui-ed your home or office. You see, it is simple isn’t it.