Details of Working Process of MMS

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Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) is a combination of distilled water with 28% of sodium chlorite. When used with water, makes it pure and potable. When the word ‘miracle’ is used, we mean to explain the efficacy of it, it doesn’t denote the miracle of God. It is simply used to let the people know that MMS supplement is really powerful in eliminating a certain disease and that must be considered for trying the marvelous benefits.


Historically, this combination of 28% sodium chlorite and distilled water has been used for purifying water of unhealthy bacteria, germs and viruses making the water, a healthy drinking water. MMS supplement is of great importance in countries where pure water is out of reach, very specially the travelers. Keeping a handful of MMS handy relieves a frequent traveler from the worry of looking after pure drinking water. There is good news for people who are obese and desirous of losing some weight. Proponents claim of MMS having weight loss properties if used as directed. Details are written on the label of the pack.

Oxidation process by oxygen doesn’t give any harm to the good bacteria present in the human body as the potential of oxygen is 1.3 volts; accordingly Chlorine dioxide is also harmless to humans as its oxidation potential is only 0.95 volts. For more detailed information please visit: MMS is the product that helps the needy in many ways. It is wonderful for thirst quench people who are unable to access pure drinking water in their area.

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