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5 Tips to Sell a Fast House

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The average time that Spaniards spend waiting to sell our home is eight months, a period that goes up to a year and a half in the case of places like Cantabria. In others, like Madrid, in four months the property changes hands, and if it is in the capital, the wait is reduced to two and a half months home buyers houston. They are the latest contributed by Tinsa on the flow of real estate transactions, corresponding to the last quarter of 2018.

In Andalusia, this waiting time varies from 10.2 months in Almería and 7.4 months in Jaén. It’s almost two and a half months apart.

In the rest of the provinces, Cadiz and Cadiz wait 9.4 months; the Huelva, something else (9.5 months); the Grenadians, 8.8 months; the Sevillians, 8.2, and the Malaga, 7.4 months.

What are these differences due to? Do they depend on the market, on the price, on the supply, on the state of the home, on the winds blowing in favor of the economy, on the health of the pocket of the average citizen? Why do some people sell quickly and others have to wait for what seems like an eternity?

Selling a house quickly, and being more concrete to  sell a flat in Seville , depends on everything a little, factors that escape from our hands and others that we can control perfectly.

How to sell a house fast? Keys to get it

Therefore, we invite you to know these tips. If the rest of the components are not in your favor, at least you will know that with a good attitude and doing things right you will shorten the waiting time and you will have more option to sell a house quickly.


  1. Selling a fast home starts with a positive attitude

We are in a good moment. Purchases in Spain continue to grow in 2018, despite the fact that the price of new and used homes has increased in Spain by 6.6% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2018.

This rise in prices (which still keeps us below the levels of the beginning of the crisis), is not stopping the purchase of real estate. Therefore, if you intend to sell, know that you are in a good time for it, and what better to do with a positive and proactive attitude.


  1. Your house, the best in the world

The location of a home is one of the main conditions for the buyer. The exact location within the same neighborhood changes the price of the houses and the desire of the buyers to acquire it. If our case is that of a home that is not in the best of the areas, we cannot move it from site, but we can act on other elements with which we can influence.

For example, we can show the proximity of our apartment with basic services, such as schools, public transport stops (be it metro or bus), commercial establishments, supermarkets, pharmacies; the close presence of a health center (ambulatory or hospital), of parks, sports or recreational areas, and we can even point out that a few meters away there is a McDonald, or a Telepizza. Why not? If some day you bought that house was for something, and that same “hook” is with which you will have to fall in love with the prospective buyer.


  1. The price. Neither on the floor nor in the clouds

The houses that are sold before and at a better price are the ones that are advertised from the beginning with an attractive offer. The houses that come out at an initial price higher than expected and with the hope of negotiating later, end up languishing months in the market and end up changing hands for much less money.

Think about it when it comes to fixing the sale price because, in the long run, it will be expensive, especially if the property is empty. In the latter case, you can have up to 1,800 euros of extra expenses per year only on fixed receipts. (Consumptions, community, IBI, etc …).


  1. Take care of the condition of the house inside and outside

The emotional component weighs as much as the price when making a firm purchase decision. That is why it is important not to neglect the state of conservation of the house, its internal distribution, the state of cleanliness, the absence of odors or order, among many other factors.

Make it a pleasant house to live in or it can not trigger the refusal of the buyer even if the location and the price conform to your wishes.

If you want to tie this chapter well, use professional home stagers decorators, to depersonalize your home and make it more attractive for future buyers.


  1. Have your documents ready.

It would be a disaster to not be able to sell your house for documentary reasons. Check that all the papers concerning the property for sale are in order, such as the deed, the inscription in the registry, the possible judicial charges, the payment of taxes, and other legal documents required by the future transaction.


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